About Cancer Advances, Inc.

Cancer Advances Inc. (Durham, NC) is a biotechnology company focused on impacting human health and preventing the progression of gastrointestinal cancers by enhancing the adaptive immune system.  The company is led by an experienced management team and has a broad intellectual property portfolio.

Cancer Advances is a majority owned subsidiary of Cato Bioventures.  The company is in Phase 3 and planning for additional studies for its lead compound, Polyclonal Antibody Stimulator (PAS), in pancreatic and gastric cancers in the near future.

About Polyclonal Antibody Stimulator (PAS)

Polyclonal Antibody Stimulator (PAS) vaccine is an immunomodulator potentially applicable in multiple cancer types including gastric, pancreatic, and colorectal.  The vaccine is a peptide-conjugate that includes an N-terminal epitope of human gastrin-17 (G17) linked to carrier diphtheria toxoid.  PAS has already been studied in multiple clinical trials, in over 1,500 subjects, and has demonstrated an excellent safety and tolerability profile.  Cancer Advances exclusively owns PAS and is funding and managing all aspects of the PAS gastrin vaccine program.


Cancer Advances, Inc.